March 14, 2010

Alice in Underland

Did you know that Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are domestic partners? You probably did. But did you know that they live in adjoining houses with an attached door because they don't think they could live in the same house (according to Wiki)? I guess that makes them neighbors more than domestic partners. They do have two children together, though. Sometimes that happens with neighbors. Just kidding, of course. I don't know much about them as people, but as far as the roles she chooses and the films he directs, it appears they have much in common.

Here's a photo of their oldest little guy, Billy Ray Burton. His little sister, Nell, is just a wee bit younger than Buckaroo.

I wonder how it would be to see your mother perform as Bellatrix Lestrange.

Strangely, none of that is what I came here to say. Many of my mama friends have been wondering if Alice in Wonderland is appropriate for their little ones. I usually go to The Movie Mom for questions like this, but I didn't see a review of this one.

The movie is rated PG, and while all kids are different, Sweet P wouldn't have enjoyed Alice until around age nine. There are battle scenes, bloody dismembered fingers, slobbery, toothy chases, and a few eye-pluckings. We definitely won't be taking Buckaroo.

I am embarrassed to admit I haven't read either of the books on which the movie is based, but according to other reviews it doesn't much stick to the storyline. There's no dragon in the real deal, for instance.

If you do go, notice that Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) occasionally breaks into a Scottish brogue. I didn't believe that Depp was incapable of maintaining his accent throughout the movie and figured it was intended. Sure enough, Depp says in an interview that he was trying to highlight Hatter's schizophrenia.

While I did enjoy his recitation of some "Jabberwocky," I don't know if the accent did its job. The visuals were stunning, though, and Sweet P would have been especially enthralled with Alice's costume changes. I love the voice of Alan Rickman as the caterpillar, so deep, wise, and kind of creepy. Mia Wasikowska's performance is meh, but she's supposed to be stand-offish. She does add to the film's beauty, but in the end I just didn't really care if Alice survived her trip through Wonderland.

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