October 19, 2010

Eat, Prey, Leave

Last night Sparkle Mama, FMF, and I journeyed to a little second-run movie theater in Clinton for a much needed evening of Eat Pray Love. Say what you like about Julia Roberts; she has kind eyes.

We stopped for a quick bite of pizza, and Sparkle guzzled her beer so we wouldn't be late for the previews. I have to say that I really enjoy the previews and often use them as a way to gauge the movie I'm about to see.

We circled the block for a parking space a couple of times. The spots were all taken because of a nearby school event and, perhaps, because of Blinky the Clown's appearance at a local pub. What?

"It's Clinton," said the FMF. "Go with it."

Finally we found a space, and upon arriving at the theater we noticed a sign that read, "Closed Mondays," and while it did happen to be a Monday, there were people meandering through the doors, so we followed them. The ticket booth was closed, and Sparkle and I hesitated, but FMF lead us through the swinging doors into the dark.

There were a number of people munching popcorn and sipping sodas, and I thought we must be crashing some private party, but since no one asked to see ID or offered to escort us to the door, we crashed away.

It was at this point that Sparkle Mama noticed the number of 19-year-old boys and thought it odd they all came out for a Monday night showing of Eat Pray Love, but she kept that curiosity to herself, and I went about blithely ordering my double pack of M&M's and rootbeer.

We found our seats, and the first preview started. It seemed to be a suspense-type movie, and I was watching cautiously (not my favorite genre to see in the theater as I tend to be a screamer), when suddenly Sparkle Mama flung her arm across my face in an attempt to cover my eyes from the horror on screen, and the popcorn went flying. She's a good friend, that one.

I took over and shielded my eyes until it ended. The next preview started, and it was also a horror film. I don't enjoy horror. In fact, R and I went through an unlikely and one-time-only Buffy the Vampire Slayer phase, but I regularly kept my eyes closed and made him narrate, which, unfortunately, he did not appreciate. Other than that I regret nearly every scary movie ever seen or frightening book ever read. They give me nightmares.

The next two clips were also horror, and that's when I turned to the FMF, who had been off fetching napkins, and said, "Shouldn't we be seeing previews for romantic comedies?"

And the three of us had the same, "ah, ha" moment.

We gathered our goodies, coats, and scarves, and headed back to the snack bar where we were informed that they were running a free, pre-Halloween, zombie flick.

Foiled again.

We re-bundled and carried our booty to the pub around the corner where, sadly, Blinky the Clown had gone home for the night.


Anonymous said...

Oh but there's so much more to be told! What about the Yurtch? Or what makes some French dressings so orange? It will indeed be a much muddled over evening for me. Thanks for navigating to wherever strange land we went to:) I don't think there's any evidence we were actually there, since no taxes were officially paid. <3, fmf

Anonymous said...

I love it! Mom