January 19, 2011

Wintery Mix

I wish that a wintery mix were some Chex-like snack with white chocolate morsels and raisins. It is not, much to my dismay, and if it were I've had enough of it to become quite plump with the stuff. It's been a week of snow, sleet, rain, ice, and every variation here in The Woods, and January is slinking by in its slothy way.

I often find myself enjoying nearly erotic fantasies about the SF Bay Area spring that is February.

But Lo and Behold, today as I was picking my way tenderly up the ice rink that is our driveway I discovered these tiny paw prints in the snow. I know they're just squirrel tracks, but there is something delightful about finding the evidence of critters run amok while we're away.

Also, Sweet P returned from her skiing lesson downright cheery this evening, which does the whole family good.

And so, tomorrow is another day. And it's one day closer to the equinox.


Suzanne said...

The name is awful. Up until now, I've chosen to call it trash, but now I believe I'll call it wintry mix. http://www.food.com/recipe/alton-browns-white-trash-226723

Your Georgia Peach friend

Anonymous said...

I love comming upon tracks, in the mud, snow, grassy areas! I tis so much being outside in Nature! Love, Mom