March 30, 2011

A Bright Month of Poetry

The Poem, Frederico Andreotti
(courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
April is National Poetry Month, y'all. How do you plan to celebrate? I intend to take up the poem-a-day challenge and post my raw scraps and snippets right here on my bloggity blog. I just hope to keep up as it is also the month of the bunny as well as Buckaroo's Diggity Doggity Dinosaur Birthday.

But the goal here is quantity, not quality-- which seems antithetical to poetry in general, but I may cull a few stellar lines from the herd and turn them into something splendid. Well, it's good to have goals.

This is all by way of saying: You may find some mediocre language here over the next 30 days, some mixed metaphors, failed conceits, and overly alliterated lines. Keep in mind that it's all in the process of becoming-- as am I.

So here I am: another poetry marathoner at the starting line. Feel free to wave your hat as I limp past.


Fireblossom said...

I'll be running right along with ya. :-)

Patricia Caspers said...

So glad to have your company!

Anonymous said...

Did you just hear the starter pistol? I'm sitting in the stands and will read your beautiful poetry each day - Love, Mom

Brian Miller said...

woot looking forward to the month running with you...let it roll!!