August 27, 2011

Thimbleberry & Fungi Anniversary

Our dear babysitter concussed herself playing soccer and was not able to spend time with Buckaroo so that Honey Man and I could celebrate our anniversary with the usual comestibles and libations. We're wishing her a speedy recovery-- and not only for our own benefit.

Since the woods were wild with mushrooms after the sudden summer rains, instead of alone time with noodles and wine, we took ourselves (and Buckaroo) on a photographic expedition in the sunshine.
We were told by a friend in the know that, despite all indications to the contrary, these trails are now open to hikers.
Frost's Bolete

Viscid Violet Cort

Mystery Mushroom No. 1

I have to admit that while Honey Man and Buckaroo were scavenging the forest floor for fungi, I was otherly engaged with the black raspberries that dotted sunny spots along the trail.
At least I think they were black raspberries-- after a smidge of research I have determined that blackberry druplets are larger than raspberry druplets (the bramble fruit is in fact a clump of berries also known as druplets).

The other interesting tidbit I learned is that some people call black raspberries thimbleberries and say not to pick them after Michaelmas because the devil has claimed them as his own-- or they're just moldy. You can bet that'll turn up in a poem one day.

Mystery Mushroom No. 2

Crazy Red Fungus

Honey Man wasn't certain about the chanterelles until he researched them at home, so we didn't forage. Next year, though, they might be a lovely appetizer for our seventh anniversary feast.


Brian Miller said...

some fascinating fungi...natures got some pretty cool stuff...and hey happy anniversary....

Lisa Ahn said...

Happy Anniversary! My favorite of the lot is Mystery Mushroom No. 3. And I'm going to have to put Thimbleberries in a story somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The mushrooms are beautiful - These are growing in the woods - wow! I've only seen mushrooms that look like Smurf houses - very cool! Sounds like a nice way to spend your anniversary. I'm happy to hear Honey Man is doing his research. Love,Mom