September 14, 2012

Guest Post by Obo

Hello all you alls,

In case you missed it, Obo is living stateside now, and as I've been a bit swamped with the chaos that is a new job and three kids, he kindly offered to be a guest blogger. Take it away, Obster. . .

Updates from the Pond and Beyond

The last few months have been hectic to say the least. It has also been the start of new beginnings for everybody. Starting new jobs, school, and other things that have sent us all into a daze and have also caused some stress. It's a start of a new era, and we hope it is going to bring us nothing but luck and happiness.

Little Sister (LS) started her sophomore year. She also recently returned from Cali for her Aunt's wedding. She tried out for the school soccer team and got on the team. Hooray!! LS has played two games, and she is thoroughly enjoying playing soccer again. LS also took women's history as an elective this year and finds it fascinating. She couldn't believe that a woman was sent to jail and force fed on LS's behalf, so LS could have the right to vote and to be seen as equal.

Buckaroo began kindergarten this year. He puts up a fight every morning, shouting, "I don't want to go!" but when he returns he can't wait to tell us about his day. As many of you may know, Buckaroo was put on the bus last week when he was supposed to be picked up. After much panic and maybe a few palpitations from the parentals, he seemed unfazed and loved his little adventure.

[I have to interject that Obo rode the bike down to the bus stop in superheroic fashion to pick up his little bro. Thanks again, Obo!]

The Professor, which she'd rather be called from now on, has started teaching at Worcester State University. The computer has now become her home and the bed a desk. Most nights it's hard to steer her away and pry her hands from the keyboard. She is working incredibly hard grading papers and writing syllabi. The Professor is also going to be reading a poem from memory for an event at a cemetery in Cambridge. The dress code is white, which she isn't pleased about, but she's excited nevertheless.

Honey Man is still tending the bees and was happy at the explosion of mushrooms we had this September. He finished my bedroom which I am extremely grateful for. He is not, however, looking forward to chopping wood to keep us warm this winter. He also continues to plan the next steps to finishing the basement.

As for me, I have started classes, and I am determined to get through these couple of months so I can start my college courses in January.

That's all folks.

[I have to add that Obo is finishing up his driving course and will be getting his license soon. He's got his permit already, and he drives us crazy, but he always brings us back again. Just kiddin', Obo. You know we love ya. We celebrated his eighteenth birthday with Indian dinner and Legally Blonde, the musical. Poor Buckaroo had to stay behind, but he does enjoy his babysitter's company.]

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Excellent job, Obo!! I have been totally missing posts from The Professor during the Ploughshares blog-post era, and was afraid those pesky students of hers would mean a further void in the Fish Head Soup world -- so THANKS MUCH for stepping up to the plate! and Professor: he is a darned good addition to the team.