January 13, 2013

Wheat-Free Buckaroo

Today I'm diverging from my usual poetic ways to talk about my boy and his food.

Buckaroo still battles his unwheatiness, and it's tough. There are few foods the boy enjoys, and even fewer healthy foods, so I tend to stuff him full of bread, which makes him red, rashy, and itchy all over. When the rash is particularly angry, we cut back for a while, but it never lasts long.

Recently, Buckaroo developed a rash around his mouth, and I new that between the toasty breakfasts, Annie's Mac & Cheese lunches, and pizza dinners, we'd really gone too far.

I found The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking at my local library, skimmed through the recipes, and decided to give it a whirl. I mean, look at that cake on the front cover. It's gorgy.

I tried several wheat-free recipes for myself when Buckaroo was a nursling and didn't have much success as everything I baked had a certain mushiness about it.  That was five years, ago, however, and times are ever-changing.

Yesterday, I made blueberry pancakes a la Reinhart and Wallace, and can you say scrumdiddlyumptuous? I write this with a major disclaimer, though: I do not, in fact, enjoy the original pancake. Too mushy, too heavy, too much maple. Yuck. I enjoy maple syrup only in salad dressing.

These pancakes have some texture to them which I appreciated very much (they're made with almond and pecan meal). As we are not a diabetic family (at least not yet) I didn't use their sugar suggestion, but instead used palm sugar. I also used regular milk instead of soy.

The first couple of pancakes were very, very thin, but by the time Sweet P dragged herself from her princess cave, the pancakes had developed more puff.

In any case, Buckaroo enjoyed his pancake, although he prefers his blueberries on the side. He's a bit like Sally from When Harry Met Sally that way.

Now he's hoping for some gluten-free hush puppies, but as I write this I've got a gluten-free stout bread half-baked and rising high. Rash Be Gone! I'll keep you posted.


Phyllis Finnemore said...

Try this recipe for Wheat Free pancakes. 1c almond meal flour 2 eggs 1/4 c water 2 T coconut oil 1 T baking powder pinch of salt. Prepare wet and dry ingredients separately. I sifted dry ones to get rid of lumps in flour and powder. These are NOT LOW CALORIE but very yum.

Patricia Caspers said...

Thanks, Phyllis! I'm going to try this right now.

Lisa Ahn said...

You rock, mama!