June 16, 2014

My Belly Finds a Home

Dear Fish Head Followers,

I'm thrilled to announce that my full-length poetry collection, In the Belly of the Albatross, will be published by the beautiful Glass Lyre Press. The poems in Belly re-envision the narratives of women from myth, legend, history, and the Bible through a feminist lens and show how those narratives are reflected in the lives of contemporary women.

Tia Marie McDermid generously agreed to my use of her painting 1025D for the book's cover, and I cannot wait to see how gorgeous it's going to be.

Belly's expected due date is Summer, 2015, but you know how fickle these creations are sometimes.  Check back regularly for updates!

Meanwhile, mosey on over to West Trestle Review, and send us your best work. We're waiting for you.

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